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Bible, Biblical Languages, & Theology

Searchable Bible Texts   Search 23 versions, including TEV.
Bible Study Tools Online  A comprehensive site, “the Web’s largest library of online Bible study resources.”
Bible Gateway: 18 versions available for searching, some with audio
International Bible Society Bible Gateway — 38 non-English translations in addition to English NIV, TNIV, and NIrV.
Download e-Sword Bible study software
AUDIO: Faith Comes by Hearing : The world’s largest catalog of Audio Bibles, to hear or download, in 414 languages
ARTFL Project: Multi-lingual Bibles: King James English, Luther German, Louis Segond French, Latin Vulgate multilingual text, over 100 translations, some in interlinear
Old Paths: includes the King James, American Standard, and the Old Paths Versions, and a Russian version
Webster’s Bible Translation

Bible Study and Teaching

The Bible Professor, Dr. James E. Smith

Commentaries by Dr. Smith on Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Luke, Galatians, and Ephesians, and a Harmony of the Four Gospels, in a PDF document, edited by Dr. Smith. The expanded electronic version of The Fourfold Gospel by J. W. McGarvey and Philip Y. Pendleton, transcribed from a copy of the 1914 Standard Publishing edition.  This page also includes an article on the Holy Spirit.

College Press’ Bible Study Textbook Series: Full text of many volumes in this series other than Dr. Smith’s.
Bible and Commentary Browser at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)
The New Testament Gateway: A comprehensive, up-to-date web directory of internet resources related to the New Testament, maintained by Dr. Mark Goodacre.
The Old Testament Gateway: A comprehensive, annotated, academic directory of internet sites on the Old Testament.
Bible Commentaries Online  Links to several older commentaries in the public domain for each book of the Bible.

C. F. Keil. and F. Delitzsch Commentaries

iTanakh resources include texts, archaeology, and related subjects

Supplementary Bible Resouces:

Bible Resource Center: Provided by the American Bible Society, this site offers basic Bible study helps, including Bible dictionaries, charts and graphs.
Bible Sources from St. Ambrose University O’Keefe Library Several different translations, online concordances, cross-references and commentaries, original Greek and Hebrew; download complete Bibles and reference material
Blue Letter Bible: Bibles, commentaries, and study tools
Children’s Bible: 9 translations of the Book of Mark, picture stories, coloring book and quizzes
NetBible a new translation; Bibles in text and MP3; the Biblical Studies Foundation publishes Bible study aids to accompany NetBible.

Bible Study Tools

Biblical Chronology – Jack Finegan, E. Jerry Vardaman Bible Study Tools:’s Bible Study Tools ® are designed to facilitate in-depth study and exploration of God’s Word.
Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary  and the  World Wide Study Bible at the CCEL
Bible History Online – images and resources for Biblical history.  Quotations about the Bible and history.
The Genesis Files – educational resources that promote the Bible as the Word of God, God’s message to us, including maps, satellite imagery, and graphics to aid in understanding the Scriptures.
The History of the English Bible: A concise history with a detailed timeline, portraits, and historical information. This page is on a dealer’s commercial site that includes extensive information on early Bibles and illustrations of pages from early translations.
How We Got Our Bible, downloadable study course; the fee entitles you to make multiple copies for your church.

Bible Societies

American Bible Society
International Bible Society: The purpose of International Bible Society (IBS) is to faithfully translate and reach out with God’s Word so that people around the world may become disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His Body.

Text of: Bible, Babel and Babble: The Foundations of Bible Translations by Dr. Scott Munger.

A daily Bible verse: Daily Manna From the Net.

United Bible Society A resource page dedicated to the global Bible translation. Includes abstracts of all issues of The Bible Translator for 1950-2011.

Bible Atlases

Bible Atlas at The Genesis Files
Bible Maps: links to selected maps from the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd (New York: Henry Holt, 1923), online at the Historical Maps Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
Geography of the Bible – Biblical and historical maps for Bible study

Historic Bibles

Gutenberg Bible Images, at the Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin.
Gutenberg Bibles at the British Library.
Book of Kells images; Information : The book of Kells is held in the Long Room, the Old Library, at Trinity College, Dublin.
Lindisfarne Gospels in the British Library; pages.
Tyndale Bible at the British Library.
Rare Bible leaves illustrated at a commercial site.

Facsimiles at the same commercial site: an 1841 English Hexapla Parallel New Testament facsimile; and aGeneva facsimile page; Tyndale facsimile page; Wycliffe, John 1:1 facsimile

“Turning the Pages” online gallery at the British Library: Bibles and other rare manuscripts. (Requires AcitiveX, may be blocked by FCC firewall). Alternative versions include the Lindisfarne Gospels and a lavishly illustrated 14th century Hebrew manuscript of the Golden Haggadah, an  Armenian Gospel table;  the Luttrell Psalter.
Codex Sinaiticus: BBC news report on the progress of digitization of the Codex, now displayed on the British Library website.
400 Years of the King James Bible, displayed at the Bilical Heritage Gallery, Cedarville University.
A “new historic” Bible: the St. John’s Bible


Ancient Hebrew Research Center: Teaching the Ancient Hebrew Language of the Bible Through the Study of the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet, Culture and Thought: resources for the study of the ancient Hebrew language and culture.
Biblia Hebraica: Thirty-one interactive lessons containing notes and quizzes; Most lessons include a Hebrew to English/English to Hebrew vocabulary quiz. The quizzes are multiple choice and advance by themselves when the correct answer is selected.
Hebrew fonts: SIL fonts in cyberspace
Amos. “Postmodern Bible” English and Hebrew text of Amos with study aids.
Bible and Mishneh Torah text; links to Hebrew text and parallel texts. Hebrew Bible (Tana”kh) and the RaMBaM’s Complete Restatement of the Oral Law (Mishneh Torah)
iTanak information and Tanakh entry.
The Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts, Jewish National and University Library
Index to the Jewish Bible Quarterly: An Index to 28 years of the Jewish Bible Quarterly Magazine.
Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit
Virtual Geula – a Jewish book-finding source.


The New Testament Gateway A comprehensive, up-to-date web directory of internet resources related to the New Testament, maintained by Dr. Mark Goodacre. Includes Translations and editions and Gospels among many other excellent resources.
Biblical Studies & Theology – Bible, New Testament, Languages, Other Christian Resources
Fonts in Cyberspace (SIL) (scroll down to see the list of Greek fonts)
Learn New Testament Greek
Manuscripts of the Gospels. Tables of manuscripts and the portion of biblical texts included in them.
TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism – an electronic journal dedicated to the study of the Jewish and Christian biblical texts.

Classical Greek

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway for classical Greek
Internet Classics Archive
The Perseus Project.  Includes the classical Greek lexicon: Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek.
Resources for learning ancient and modern Greek
Data banks of papyri, including the Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri.
Thesaurae Linguae Graecae. TLG has collected and digitized most literary texts written in Greek from Homer to the fall of Byzantium in AD 1453. It includes texts and inscriptions, with the goal to create a comprehensive digital library of Greek literature from antiquity to the present era, updated quarterly. Available online by subscription only. Information about the authors and works included in the TLG Library is stored in the Canon of Greek Authors and Works. The full Canon is open to the public and can be searched on this site.

Theology and Religion

The Internet Christian Library : A large archive of “classical” Christian materials

Institute for Christian Literature : literature related to “Classical Christianity”

Theology Website : Created by the historical theology department of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Trinity International University, the Theology Website is a comprehensive collection of theology information and resources including articles from the Quodlibet Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy, church history study helps, and electronic texts.
Abbreviations in theology & Biblical studies – standard abbreviations and acronyms for theological journals and Biblical commentaries found in academic literature in many languages.
Anabaptist original sources
Bible Resources from the churches of Christ
Boston University Theology page: “a hub for locating serious Christian theological activity on the Internet.”

Includes Christian theology pages by tradition ; Periodicals links.

Catholic Encyclopedia: the 1908 edition.  This page includes links to texts of Summa Theologica and Fathers of the Church
Christian Theological Seminary library’s useful links.
Creeds of Christendom : A comprehensive collection of the full text of Christian creeds and other statements of faith. In addition, such statements as the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and the Lausanne Covenant are included.
Doorway Papers by Arthur Custance.
ECOLE Initiative  – an archived hypertext encyclopedia of early church history
Gramcord Institute multi-language Bible software site
Dr. Les Hardin‘s Biblical Studies links and Spiritual Formation links
Into His Own – Texts providing perspectives on the world of Jesus
Jesus Christ.  What’s So Special About Jesus. Edwin M. Yamauchi.
The Jesus Seminar critiqued: The Gospel According to the Jesus Seminar, by Birger A. Pearson.
Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906 edition.
Lutheran resource: Project Wittenberg – home to works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans
Medieval scripts – a timeline with sample text
On Religion by Terry Mattingly: A weekly syndicated newspaper column.
Orthodox Christian Church weblinks: a collection of Eastern & Western Orthodox links, websites and online resources
Quotations: Christian quote-of-the-day devotional thought with links to Christian biography and devotional literature
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies – a resource for scholarly studies of the early Christian writings and their social world.
The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge by Philip Schaff. (1954)
Theopedia – an encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity
Virtual Israel Bible Museum
Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion: Christianity and world religions

Teaching and learning resources

Wesleyan: Wesley Center for Applied Theology
World Wide Encyclopedia of Christianity at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL)
Yale Divinity School Library Research Guide for Christianity; additional links to online resources