CF210 Healing Ministry

Course Description:
I Peter 2:24b says that we were healed by the stripes of Jesus. What does that mean to us as a citizen of the kingdom in this day? How to effectively minister the healing that Christ has purchased for us? This course will
outline the biblical teaching about divine healing.
A study of all the Bible teaches about divine healing. Complete guidelines for receiving and ministering healing.
Course Objectives::
•Demonstrate understanding of the natural and spiritual realms and spiritual warfare.

•State the basic principle for understanding spiritual warfare.
•Distinguish between healing and deliverance.
•Identify the source, reasons, and types of sickness.
•Demonstrate understanding for the Biblical basis of healing.
•Summarize guidelines for living as a well warrior.
Course Requirements:
Complete all the lessons for the course.
Complete all the self tests.
Pass the final exam.
Grading Distribution:
95-100 = A
90-94 = A-
85-89 = B
80-84 = B-
75-79 = C
70-74 = C-
Below 70 = F
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