CF201 Basic Training for Spiritual Warfare
Course Description:
This course moves participants beyond the natural world into the realm of the spirit. Tactics of the enemy are analyzed and strategies of spiritual warfare assuring victory over the principalities and powers of the spirit world are explained.
Course Objectives:
•Identify the two spiritual kingdoms.
•Explain what is meant by “spiritual warfare.”
•Recognize causes of this great spiritual struggle.
•Identify the spiritual forces of good.
•Identify the spiritual forces of evil.
•Recognize strategies of Satan.
•Effectively use spiritual counter strategies.
•Apply natural parallels of warfare to war in the spirit world.
•Use both offensive and defensive spiritual weapons.
•Detect demon possession.
•Understand how deliverance from demons is obtained.
•Win the war even if you lose a spiritual battle.
•Describe the final conflict which will end the invisible war.
•Identify spiritual warfare principles in decisive battles in the Bible.
Course Requirements:
1- Complete all the lessons for the course
2- Complete all the self tests
3- Pass the final exam.
Grading Distribution:
95-100 = A
90-94 = A-
85-89 = B
80-84 = B-
75-79 = C
70-74 = C-
Below 70 = F
The Bible